Who are we

We started with the simple idea think fresh, eat fresh and live fresh. Being an engineer we both co-founders merged ancient food habits with the modern technology.

What we do

Pantrofresh helps society to have daily fresh food at there doorstep by providing organic, raw, juicy and wholesome foods through our Smart vending machine 24/7.

How we do

In Vedic Era, we used to eat whatever and what we got from Mother Nature as it is. A Vedic dietary plan is based on natural food principles similar what might have been eaten during that age. And we are trying to pursue the same Vedic food tradition, Pure, fresh and raw.

Our Team

Harishikesh Kumar
(COO & Co-founder, Pantro)

Having 13+ years experience in food technology, Harishikesh is look after for operations, technology and product development at Pantro.

Uday Giri
(CEO & Co-founder, Pantro)

Having 13+ years experience in engineering PMC, Uday is look after for marketing, product growth and product sales at Pantro.