Why Raw A2 Milk?

Ans: All milk comes first Raw, means totally natural and organic! Nothing added to enhance or stabilize this life- giving food. We have kept and delivered it as Mother Nature has given us unprocessed, wholesome, nutritious with good bacteria.

Can I get A2 milk in evening?

Ans:Yes we deliver morning and evening slots as we committed delivery within 12 hours after milking.

If I require 500 ml A2 Milk in a day, is there any plan for this?

Ans:Yes we do have 500 ml plan for both Cow and Buffalo A2 milk under Tremendous Trial (2Lt), Monthly Memories (15 Lt), Half Yearly Happiness (90Lt) and Yearly Ease (180Lt) Subscription plan.

Is A2 milk is available 24/7?

Ans:we helps society to have their daily A2 Milk at there doorstep by providing Fresh, raw, and wholesome milk through our Smart vending machine 24/7.

Are you serving A2 milk in Glass bottles?

Ans:We are committed to healthy environment so we deliver our A2 Milk in Glass bottles only.

Do I have to deposit money for Glass Bottle?

Ans:We are providing returnable two Glass bottle for all our subscription plan without any deposit.

What happens if we shatter or break glass bottle?

Ans:We hope you will take care of it, first two bottles are absolutely free, but in the case of shatter, broken or cracked happens, just a least fees of Rs 70 every next bottle will be ask.

What are the advantage if I am drinking Pantrofesh A2 milk?

Ans:Raw milk is 100% natural, also a good source of vitamin A, magnesium, zinc and thiamine (B1). Additionally, it’s an excellent source of A2 beta-casein protein and contains hundreds of different healthy fatty acids, including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3s.

What’s GMO free meaning?

Ans:We pride ourselves on our Raw milk farming practices. Our cows and the milk they produce are certified to free from toxic chemicals, free from pesticides, free from antibiotics and growth hormones, richer in nutrients Raw milk is 100% natural.

How Pantrofresh A2 milk is different than others?

Ans:Our unique operation is fall under following principles.
A) Milking Fresh through Vedic process only. Cooling
B) Fresh at 3 degree Celsius. Serving
C) Fresh within 8-12 hours of milking. Deliver
D) Fresh in a glass bottle as per your chosen slot.

Can we upgrade from trial plan to yearly?

Ans:Yes you can do, from tremendous trial to yearly ease subscription plan and even you can increase or decrease quantity of milk as well after informing us a day in advance.

How can I buy Pantrofresh A2 milk?

Ans:You can avail your everyday A2 Milk need from
A) Our website by opting available plan.
B) Or from our Smart Robotic Vending Machine 24/7

Do you have mini plan?

Ans:We are providing tremendous trial pack (2Lt) in both one liter and half liter bottle. As per your needs you can avail it.

Can I hold or stop my subscription plan while I’m in small vacation?

Ans:Yes you can do, by login into your account and continue after your return.

What is the difference between Raw A2 milk and Pasteurized A2 milk?

Ans:Raw fresh milk contains, Active Enzymes, Probiotics, Calcium, Vitamins, Healthy fats and Proteins but in pasteurized milk Enzymes were inactive, Probiotics and Vitamins are destroyed, Healthy fats and Proteins are Altered.

Is A2 milk Lactose Intolerant Friendly?

Ans:Fresh A2 Milk is packed with bioavailable vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria and healthy fats gives a delicious and healthy option for digestion comfort experience to the consumer rather than discomfort experience with processed milk.

Is A2 Milk is good for newborn?

Ans:Fresh A2 Milk is one of the best sources for your kid to get calcium, complete development and growth. Fresh A2 milk is a better choice to mamma milk for kids.

Why A2 Milk Cost more than normal milk?

Ans:All Desi Cow or Buffalo requires much more care and fodder relatively crossbred jersey or HF cows even maintenance of Desi cow is more than jersey cow whereas desi cow gives less milk than crossbred. In Vedic Era, we used to eat whatever and what we got from Mother Nature as it is. A Vedic dietary plan is based on natural food principles similar what might have been eaten during that age. And we are trying to pursue the same Vedic food tradition, Pure, fresh and raw.

Are you charging for delivery?

Ans:Free delivery on all orders.

What is the delivery process?

Ans:After subscribe our plan we will schedule delivery slot as per your choice. Every morning or evening our delivery boys will keep fresh milk bottle on your door and collect used bottle.

How can I pay to Pantrofresh?

Ans:You can bay via payment gateway, Banking Transfer, Cheque or cash.